The list

Tina's 101 things


1.  Read a novel in French.
2.  Read all books on the "33 list".
3.  Read all books on the "Time list".
4.  Read all books on the "Best German Novels" list.
5.  Read a book by every Nobel Prize winner during the challenge time.
6.  Read the entire Jane Austen collection.
7.  Read 3 books off the "Banned Books" list.
8.  Read 5 Pulitzer Prize winners (fiction).


9.  Create a 101 things blog. Done, Jan 3rd 2011
10. Blog at least every other day.
11. Upload a YouTube video at least once a week.
12. Backup my computer at least once every two months.
13. Buy a HP printer with scanner (C8180 or similar)


14. Clean out bookshelves in my room.
15. Put up all unwanted clothes on eBay. If unsold after 3 goes, give them to charity.
16. Throw out 1/3 of my shoes.
17. Sort through/organize all magazine clippings.
18. Sort through/organize all recipe clippings.
19. Sort through/organize all “important papers” (insurance etc.).
20. Sort through/organize all old bills.
21. Sort through/organize all books I own.
22. Sort through/organize all DVD’s I own.
23. Sort through/organize table cloths/sheets etc.
24. Scan all old slides/negatives (once scanner has been bought).

Health and fitness:

25. Complete the “Couch Potato to 5k”.
26. Run the entire Vårruset (5k), no walking.
27. Run the 10k in New York.
28. Reach my goal weight.
29. Get a health check up once a year.
30. Get an eye exam once a year.
31. Get a gynecologist exam once a year.
32. Get all vaccination shots for travelling (full program) so I don’t have to think about it before every trip.
33. Find out my cholesterol score and reduce it if necessary.
34. Take a 5k walk at least once a week during May 1st and August 31st each year.
35. Take a self defense class.
36. Do at least 1 unassisted pull up and 1 unassisted dip.
37. Eat at least 1 fruit each day.

Around the house:

38. Mow the lawn once a month (instead of hubby doing it)
39. Follow the “Clean up the mess” schedule twice a year (spring & fall)

Beauty and fashion:

40. Do a home spa day twice a year (spring & fall)
41. Complete my MAC Paint Pot collection through swaps (or ACW)-
42. Organize my MAC Eye Shadows.
43. Finish all product samples.
44. Buy a LBD after reaching goal weight.
45. Buy a suit (skirt, trousers, dress & jacket) after reaching goal weight.


46. Cook a new dish/week for 6 months.
47. Bake something to bring to work once a month.
48. Don’t eat the same lunch box for 1 month.
49. Go on a chocolate tasting.
50. Eat breakfast at 5 different places in Jönköping.

Social life:

51. Have friends over every 2 months.
52. Contact all possible AFS Jönköping volunteers and set up a meeting.
53. Send letters to old AFS friends I can’t find on Facebook.
54. Meet 5 Internet friends IRL.
55. Have a picnic with several friends.


56. Visit the IMATS London in 2012/2013.
57. Go on a cruise to Tallinn and/or Riga.
58. Visit Norway.
59. Visit Finland.
60. Visit 3 European capitals.


61. Take an evening class.
62. Learn at least 10 useful phrases in Arabic before our trip to Egypt in April 2011.
63. Learn all Swedish Prime Ministers by heart.
64. Learn all German Bundeskanzler by heart.
65. Do 1 easy Sudoku each day.
66. Do 1 medium Sudoku each week.
67. Do 1 hard Sudoku each month.
68. Learn 1 new English word each week.
69. Keep up to date with current events in Germany once a week.
70. Watch a German TV program once a month (online).

Being a better person:

71. Donate blood.
72. Do a ROAK every month.
73. Send care packages to 5 different people “just because”.
74. Pay a stranger’s drive through bill.
75. Release 1 Bookcrossing book each month.
76. Call someone I haven’t spoken to in 6 months.
77. Write a letter to 5 relatives.

New challenges:

78. Learn how to crawl.
79. Learn how to make the bed “the Lasse way”.
80. Get a tattoo (after reaching goal weight).
81. Learn how to play all songs on Guitar Hero II at full expert level and reach at least 80%.
82. Learn how to play poker.
83. Buy MBT shoes.
84. Learn how to play the guitar passably.


85. Visit Jönköping County Museum.
86. Visit Victor Rydberg Museum.
87. Go on Veteranbussen.
88. Go watch a HV game.
89. Go watch a J-Södra game.
90. Watch 50 movies from the “250 movie list”.
91. Go to the cinema every 2 months.
92. Watch a concert/play/show at Jönköping’s new concert hall.


93. Safe up 50 kr for each reached goal on this list.
94. Check my pension funds at least every 2 months.
95. Write the “White Archive”.
96. Make our will valid (take it to the attorney).
97. Make 5 photo books.
98. Complete the Mix Megapol Topp 1000 playlist.
99. Finish all puzzles I own.
100. Check the possibility to have my front tooth fixed.
101. Buy a Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports.