Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update week 2

No major things have been going on, but I'm making steady progress on several goals:

#37 - The fruit basket is back, and I usually have a pear or an apple after lunch.

#46 - On Sunday I cooked a stew with reindeer, a recipe I found in a magazine. Yum!
#48 - still going strong. This week so far, I've had a variation of pasta lunches, tomorrow I will have the above mentioned reindeer stew. I'll be away for the weekend starting Friday morning, so lunches will be eaten either out or at the conference centre.
#61/62 - no news on the Arabic class yet - I really hope it won't get cancelled!
#66/66/67 - The easy Sudoku every day is no problem. The medium every week is quite easy too (have already done this week's). I started with this month's hard one, and gosh that was a hard one for sure, but hey, 19 more days in this month, right?
#69 - Lots of things going on in Germany right now - dioxin this and dioxin that. Poor farmers is what I say!
#70 - I've started watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, Das Traumschiff. Oh sweet nostalgia!
#101 - I've looked into how much the Nintendo Wii will be, and now I know what I want for my birthday! :-) Either that, or this will just have to wait a while because 3000 kr is a little out of my budget right now...


  1. Du kan ju alltid kolla upp Nintendo Wii på blocket, många som säljer sina oöppnade för 500 kronor billigare osv.

  2. Just discovered your blog through 'the belle lumiere'. Great list! Seems you have your reading cut out for you!!!